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Meet Wendy

Science Communication Expert & Earthquake Geologist

I started my career as a professional actress but changed gears after experiencing a big earthquake. Shortly after that event I started working at the USGS Earthquake Hazards Program in Pasadena, CA as the Outreach and Education Coordinator, I but really wanted to delve into the science of earthquakes so after 6 years at the USGS I went back to school and earned an MSc. and PhD in Geology. 


During my time at the USGS, I saw how critical science communication is to the public, policymakers and other stakeholders, and my combination of theatre skills and science knowledge made me well-suited to take on roles in science communication. Since then, I've worked in communications roles at NASA, IRIS, EarthScope and beyond. In 2008 I founded the company SpaceFace Social Media Managing and Consulting, and in 2023 I expanded the business and changed the name to Dr. Wendy Rocks, LLC.

To learn more about my scientific research, publications, science communication and media experience please visit my personal website.



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a woman with long red hair sits at a computer with a purple world map behind her

Dr. Wendy Rocks, LLC

Dr. Wendy Rocks, LLC provides a variety of communication services, including social media managing and consulting for organizations or individuals, science communication trainings, workshops and talks, and voice over narration for science and educational videos.


Dr. Bohon is also an experienced speaker and is available for keynote addresses, colloquium talks and more. Additionally, she is able to serve as a subject matter expert for print, radio and broadcast media.

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