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Social Media Services

Social media has emerged as a cost effective, high impact tool for marketing, networking, education and public relations. However, to fully capitalize on the potential of social media, users must formulate and apply an effective social media strategy designed to build public interest and audience reach and engagement, as well as use best practices for individual social media platforms. This is often a steep learning curve, so many organizations and individuals turn to experienced social media professionals to design and manage their social media portfolios.


Our goal at Dr. Wendy Rocks, LLC is to provide the appropriate level of support that will allow businesses or individuals to increase their impact and visibility across the social media landscape. We offer three different types of social media support.

Strategy Development

We can work with you or your business to create a personalized social media strategy based on your goals and objectives. This strategy will include the identification of target audiences, determination of the best potential platforms, a content creation and posting schedule, a community engagement plan and an easily implemented metrics evaluation plan.


We will work with you or your business representative to implement your social media strategy. This includes training and direction on content creation, posting strategies and industry best practices. We will assist and advise as you learn how to effectively manage your social media program.

Social Media Management

We will develop, implement, and maintain your social media program. This high involvement option includes content sharing, community growth initiatives, maintaining user engagement, periodic metrics evaluations and evidence-based strategy adjustment. We can also work in partnership with the organization to create content.

“You have helped our business grow in followers and visits and such a short period of time. We are very appreciative of the time, energy and humor you have put into helping us grow."

-Alba Rodriguez, If Cats Had Thumbs

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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