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Dr. Bohon has extensive experience providing voice narration for educational and scientific videos. These types of videos often include technical jargon and complex content that require skilled and nuanced voice work. As a scientist and an actress, Dr. Bohon has both the vocal training and scientific understanding to produce high-quality, understandable scientific video narration. Examples of her work can be found below.

As a geologist/animator, my professional collaborations with Dr. Wendy Bohon, a geologist/narrator, were exceptionally productive and satisfying. Her voice magically turned my simple animations into educational pieces that I was proud of. In addition, I benefited not only from her geologic expertise and editing skills, but from her spontaneity and willingness to engage in unconventional creative thinking at the drop of a hat, with a we-can-absolutely-do-that! attitude.

-Jenda Johnson

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