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A redhaired woman in black shirt with letters saying "She can change the world" sits in a chair in front of an old fashion seismic drum recorder. She stares directly into the camera with a half smile on her face.

Dr. Wendy Rocks

Science Communication



Science isn't finished until it's communicated and communication is a set of skills that can be learned and practiced. We can help!

Dr. Wendy Rocks, LLC provides a variety of communication services, including social media managing and consulting for organizations or individuals, science communication trainings, workshops and talks, and voice over narration for science and educational videos.


Dr. Bohon is also an experienced speaker and is available for keynote addresses, colloquium talks and more. Additionally, she is able to serve as a subject matter expert for print, radio and broadcast media.


Meet Wendy

Earthquake Geologist & Communication Specialist

My name is Wendy Bohon and I’m the founder of Dr. Wendy Rocks. I’m an earthquake geologist, science communicator, keynote speaker, and social media specialist. 

I have spent nearly 2 decades in the science communication world, and I have worked with organizations like NASA, the USGS, IRIS and 500 Women Scientists. Now I'm excited to work with you!

A woman with long red head sits cross-legged on the floor in front of an olf fashioned seismic drum roller. She has her hands laced in her lap and her head thrown back in laughter.
An aerial view of the desert showing mountains and some vegetation

"We need to apply the science of communication to the communication of science."

~Preston Manning

Wendy is an amazing communicator, educator, and human being. She cares deeply about lifting people up through her expert understanding of earthquake science, science communication, and her experiences in academia and beyond.

- Beth Bartel

Dr. Bohon is THE expert when it comes to communicating complex concepts. Her carefully crafted but rapidly produced content is always on the nose, and her ability to strike just the right tone depending on the audience is impressive.

- Dr. Alka Tripathy-Lang

Science communicators must be engaging , personable, factual and fun. Dr. Bohon makes it seem so natural and inviting - you want to follow what she says. I'm very envious of her skills, and I make it a point to watch what she says and does!

- James Boxall

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